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MVN Remote

4.6 ( 6336 ratings )
开发 Xsens Technologies B.V.

MVN Remote

MVN Remote is an app that allows you to control MVN Studio Pro or MVN Studio BIOMECH from your phone or tablet. MVN Studio is a motion capture application by Xsens.

The app has a 3D view displaying the motions of the character. You can start and stop a recording while using your phone or tablet as a reference camera.

• Android version 4.3 or higher, or IOS version 6.0 or higher
• MVN Studio Pro or MVN Studio BIOMECH 4.3.9 or higher
• a network connection


Camera view:
• 3D view with actor(s)
• slide to rotate around actor

Playback controls:
• ToggleRepeat
• NavigateToStart
• PreviousFrame
• Play/Pause
• NextFrame
• NavigateToEnd

Recording controls:
• Start/Stop recording
• Start/Stop camera stream
• Add session name
• AddMarker
• MoveCharacterToOrigin
• Switch between 3D and camera view

Multi-actor support:
• enable/disable actors (1-4)
• focus camera on specific actor

Camera options:
• set fps for camera stream
• set the quality of the stream